Can I Switch My BYOP Samsung Galaxy S6 From Straight Talk T-Mobile to Straight Talk Verizon?


A reader, Amy asks, I just got a galaxy s6 and put the straight talk byop sim for t-moble in. It works fine but vary bad signal.. Verison has the best coverage were i live. Can i switch to Straight

Checking Which Network Google Project Fi Is Using


In my this video I talk about checking which cellular network your Android phone is connecting to using the SignalCheck Lite app. SignalCheck Lite on the Google Play Store  

Using Local Prepaid Wireless SIM Cards While Traveling Abroad


Check out my latest video about using local wireless prepaid SIM cards when traveling abroad.

Updating My iPhone 6 to iOS 9.1


Last night(Monday) I updated my iPhone 6 to iOS 9.1. My phone is working fine with Straight Talk and Net10 too. As usual I made sure I could send and receive MMS picture messages before and after the update. I

Randomly Losing Straight Talk Verizon Network Data Connection on My iPhone


A reader, Samantha, asks… Hello, I have an iPhone 5 with the iOS 9.02. Recently, my phone will randomly loose it’s data connection and I cannot use my internet unless I have wifi. I can send and receive texts and

More Google Project Fi Speedtests and Some Corrections


Another quick video update about Google’s Project Fi.

Can I Use My US Cellular iPhone 5s with Straight Talk Wireless?

A reader, Justice, asks… Can i use my iphone 5s that is currently through US Cellular on straight talk if it is unlocked?!!!!!!! Hi Justice, If your US Cellular iPhone 5s is really unlocked the phone should work with any

iOS 9.0.2 Update


UPDATE: I installed iOS 9.0.2 this morning, Oct 2. It’s working with my iPhone 6 on Straight Talk’s ATT network. Tested cellular data and MMS picture messages. All working, minor iOS update. Looks like Apple released iOS 9.0.2 yesterday.  I’m