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Straight Talk AT&T LTE Network at 40 Mbps


I ran a Speed Test last week while in a movie theater waiting to see Furious 7. I was shocked to a download speed of 40Mbps. I had to double check to see if I was connected to a Wi-Fi

Only Getting 2G Edge Data Connection with MetroPCS


A reader, Jacob, asked… Hi, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Light from Metropcs. The phone had 4G LTE when we purchased it at the store 40 miles away.At my house I only get Edge.I have tried changing the APN addresses

Does Net10 Wireless Support 4G LTE Service?


A reader, Jane, asks… I have two Samsung Galaxy S4’s. One T-Mobile and one Verizon. Will the 4G work with Net10 now? Hi Jane, When you sign up for Net10 your phone will use one of four different networks: AT&T,

Straight Talk Wireless Increases High Speed Wireless Data to 5GB!


I received a text message above from Straight Talk Wireless yesterday and it looks like they have increased the amount of high speed data on their $45 a month plan from 3GB to 5GB. This is amazing news and I

Using a Verizon Wireless Network Extender with Straight Talk Wireless


A reader, Thom asks… Bob, Hi Bob- I have a Verizon iphone 5. If I understand your article correctly, My phone will work with Straight Talk if I buy an AT&T sim card and use its serial number in place

Cutting My Straight Talk ATT SIM to Use in a Verizon IPhone 5


A reader Katherine, I have a StraightTalk ATT Sim that I have been using in the BYOP program, until my phone died. A friend gave me her Verizon iPhone 5 – will that work with my sim card? I’m buying

Transferring My Straight Talk Wireless Service to a Verizon IPhone 5


A reader, Michelle, asks, My husband is giving me his old phone which is a Verizon iPhone 5. I have Straight Talk. What would you suggest I do to transfer the iPhone over to my straight talk account? Hi Michelle,

Using a Verizon iPhone 6 Plus with Straight Talk’s ATT Wireless Network


A reader, Kyle, asks.. I have an iPhone 6 plus on Verizon. I got the straight talk sim kit, and it has the sim for att T-Mobile but not Verizon. I am canceling Verizon’s service tomorrow. Will the att sim