What Is This “Net10 Msg: your phone’s browser requires an update…” Message About?


I received this text message from Net10 Wireless on my iPhone 5…

“NET10 Msg: Your phone’s browser requires an update. Click the link to update. http://m.tracfone.com/sid?mdn=1234567890″.


Many Net10 and Straight Talk customers are wary of software updates which many affect their internet or MMS service. I decided I’d click on the link and see what would happen. The link opened a mobile optimized web page in Safari. It did not update my browser or anything else on my iPhone.


I wasn’t too worried. Net10 can’t update your browser, Safari, on your iPhone. Safari can only be updated by Apple as part of an iOS software update. Apple can’t even update Safari through the App Store.

If you are using an Android phone, I wouldn’t worry either. This link isn’t going to update anything on your phone.

So what the heck is this message about? I think Net10 set up this mobile web search page as part of a marketing and promotion campaign and are hoping customers will use it. I didn’t find the web page useful or compelling, but that doesn’t mean the idea is bad, just the implementation.

I have noticed a lot of increased marketing and promotional activity from Net10 recently. They ran a Holiday Home promotion, you could create a holiday card for friends and family. They have Trac N Save promotion offering shopping deals and discounts. Finally, Net10 Now, a promotion to advertise their new tiered smartphone plans with lower prices or more service.

Do you use Net10 or Straight Talk and this message too? Leave a comment and let me know.

196 comments on “What Is This “Net10 Msg: your phone’s browser requires an update…” Message About?
  1. Debra says:

    How to update Net10 browser?

  2. Brian simon says:

    Why does my net10 phoneBoot me off when I’m on the internet on the browser ? Sometimes it happens within 2 minutes sometimes it happens within 5 minutes I never know when it’s going to disconnect me from internet If I’m surfing the web And yes I also have a message comes up sayingRefresh your phone’s browserI love my net10 plan in my phone is very tough But it’s little things like this that just pisses me off.. lol Can you help me

  3. Frances says:

    I got a message telling me to update my browser on my phone but when I go to the link I don’t see where can I update need help

  4. kat says:

    I have a data useage warning my brower has to much on it what do i do to fix it.

  5. I used to have a prepaid HTC evo v4g from virgin mobile and every few month,s they gave me free bonus minutes were they paided my monthly bill, so far net ten is ok only time will tell I own a tree service ,all my employees use net ten thanks Ricky Pirrami

  6. Matthew Wootton says:

    This just happened to me,and clicking on the link only sent me to net 10 homepage.

  7. cityhick says:

    yeah that link is crap I’m going to it 3 times it’s crap.

  8. cityhick says:

    I read about you need to make one but how do you do it.

  9. Keep getting message to update browser but can’t find the link … The one given does nothing… Please update it for me or stop sending messages that have no relevance thanks

  10. dana says:

    I deleted play store services and now I cannot update my browser and cannot get on playstore app to download games

  11. Michaeljones says:

    No update from website.

  12. Kaitlyn says:

    Take a look at this site, (from net10 themselves.)

    i believe the 3rd or 4th response below is a guy who may have a law suite started because of this! Very interesting for me to find because i’ve used net10 for almost a year now and i just abs love them. i dont have a problem with the service other than data getting really slow towards the end of the month but other than that no complaints besides this message ! Could never update, so annoying!

  13. dale says:

    I got the same message. I would like to know how to upgrade my browser. because my browser is crashing.. do you have any advice for me. I have the Android.zte. please.

  14. Sharon Purcell-Cuautle says:

    I have an android phone and got the same text. All it did was take me to the net10 page. It didnt show how to get any sort of update or anything else so I guess Im not going to worry about it. My phone freezes up quite a bit so I was actually hoping an update would do it some good. No such luck…

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Sharon,
      I have never seen any kind of update. So readers claim there phones get slow after clicking the link. I don’t discount it but haven’t seen any evidence of this.

  15. Hillary says:

    Ditto. I just added airtime and poof! There it is. I do think it’s linked to send us a mssg when we buy more time. I seem to get it once a month too. I’ve found out pretty much DO NOT put your cell phone number in the box. There isn’t even some fine print explanation or privacy agreement so I do not think this even comes from net10. Maybe one of their affiliates? Btw I have a Samsung galaxy s3

  16. James Forbes says:

    How do I update my Net10 browser

  17. chris says:

    I was thinking it was so slow my speed down or something because i got it as soon as I started to us tons of data

  18. Katherine says:

    Got this message too, thanks for the info. Very helpful!

  19. daniel Ryan says:

    Received message that my net 10 browser needed to be updated click for update lead me to a site with options,to download all things but an update for browser, now after reading ur comments will no longer pay it any attention

  20. kathi varady says:

    How do i update my browser

  21. Eric says:

    I just went to the update and it told me to put in my telephone number to receive the update.
    I didn’t do it. I’m leary, it seems like a scam.

  22. Not mention that i only have a zte not a Samsung phone

  23. I just barely received a message to update my net10 browser, how do i do that without any confusion

  24. Kimberly says:


  25. Kevin says:

    I keep getting these browser update notifications also and when I click. on the link it brings me to net10’s web page with nothing having to do with said update.
    when I use the update options on my phone it said I have no updates needed

  26. Paul says:

    I use net 10

  27. Linda Patterson says:

    I keep getting this message to update browser I already have chrome 10. What more do you want.

  28. nancy smith says:

    Net10 phone says i need to update browser but link does nothing

  29. Eeliazar says:

    Please my internet is very slow.

  30. Gary says:

    I have a Samsung galaxy s3 mini

  31. Gary says:

    My service was good now seems to take forever to download load anything. I brought my phone over from at&t because the girl i live with has net10 and she had no problems.Am i having troubles because i have a 4g Lte phone going to a 3g network?

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Gary,
      Straight talk’s att network supports 4g lte. Are saying the service was fast,cand slowed down after trying to load the browser update from the text message mentioned in the article you commented on.

  32. Kennedy Wilson says:

    My browse won’t update I want it updated you need to do so

  33. christopher scott wilson says:

    This must be a joke..my andriod dont really have issues but my provider along with signals&connections and always calculating my data usage is nothing short of BOGUS! Ive been tryin 2address this amoung many other things to no satisfaction as my service is quite pathetic..but i guess its at the very least 4anything else i actually could even post this? Geez what’a waste of time here!

  34. Rhonda says:

    Why send a message if you’re not going to help solve the problem?

  35. earline jones says:

    I never found the upgraded app for the net10 so I dont understand why u guys keep sending the message for a upgrade ur brower wow don’t understand it. Just wasting spacr

  36. Michelle Price says:

    Yep I get the dame update email about once a month. Usually right after I add airtime.

  37. kathryn says:

    I have a net10 UMX and have received 9 messages to update my phones browser and I have no idea where. It sends a link but I don’t see anywhere to do this

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Kathryn,
      No one really knows why they send this message. I think they just want people to use their website and so they can market special offers to their customers. A number of readers, usually on Android phones claim they are trying to install software to throttle your data usage. No one has ever told me it updated their browser.

  38. Ad says:

    Yes, I think you are right that it is just a marketing gimmick. Really obnoxious too as I just wasted 5 minutes researching this. It lowers my image of the company. Thank you for your post. It was helpful. Ad

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Ad,
      It’s unfortunate. Net10 can save people a lot of money. If they sent me a link to a useful app and asked me if I wanted to opt in to some money saving deals I might be interested.

      Yet, some android phone users swear this link tries to load software on their phones.

      • Tux2 says:

        I’ve clicked on this link on my android phone and it does nothing but take me to a custom web page, no software loading. I don’t know who told you that but I don’t think this tries to load any software on their phone.

        • Bob Thompson says:

          Hi Tux2,
          The point of the article is that this loads a web page. A few readers with Android phones have claimed that it tried to download software to their phones, but I have never been able to verify that.

  39. Thanks for the info.

  40. Howard cherry says:

    I got this message at least 3 times but i didn’t do anything

  41. D.David Dodged says:

    I can’t rember how many times I have tryed to update my account. And to date I have not sucseaded. I don’t understand why you make a update like this avajjable and it don’t won’t or dosent work. I guess thank you but for what ??? If you get it working please let me know and I will try it once. Dave

  42. Matt says:

    I have a BYOD Sim with net10, I used it with a AT&T Go Phone, I mainly use it to tether my laptop, we dont have HSI or DSL in our rural area, and dial-up is useless period, my last phone crapped out and I got another Go Phone, this time AT&T had tethering blocked on the phone, so I flashed another custom rom to it to get my tethering back, I actually thought these text’s looked suspicious, I wondered if it wasn’t to get me to click on something that would install something to the phone that would screw up my tethering. It’s probably something sent out to people with high data usage.. I do not ever recall getting that text on the old shitty $15-$30 cell phones (cheapies).

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Matt,
      I plan to do a little more investigation to find out about the message. Tethering is against the Net10 Terms of Service. I have heard reports that Straight Talk actively polices their network to block tethering.

      Is your tethering option, the best choice for your area? there are a number of prepaid hotspot solutions out there now. Have you ever looked into one? I am jut curious because I do get comments from readers in rural areas.


  43. jeff ross says:

    If there’s not gona be an update done to my phone when i click the link on the text that was sent to me, dont send me the lying text, say what you mean mean what you say and cut the bullshit!!!

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Jeff,
      I assume you are addressing that comment to Net10, and not me.
      Maybe Net10 meant it to be deceptive, but I don’t see how that helps them get people to use their web site or engage people with with their other marketing programs.

    • roger pendleton says:

      On an android device activated as BYOD on net10, installing that “update” is what net10 uses to kill streaming services when you’re on the cellular network.

      I’m working on getting hold of the apk itself.

      But as an experiment: wipe and reflash your phone. (Not via ‘erase and deregister,’ but by using a tool that can format /system and /data and reinstall the rom from scratcch.) Lookie: Youtube works again.

      • Bob Thompson says:

        Hi Roger,
        I can’t remember if I loaded it on my Nexus 5. It didn’t load anything on my iPhone. The iPhone just goes to a mobile website. So are you saying if I try to load the same link on Android it downloads a an APK? Hmm. will try that. Did it install a visible app on your device?


  44. Heather E. Stell Holloway says:

    I received the same msg on my iPhone but wn I clicked the link it just brought me to Net10’s website. I decided search the browser updates n found you. Appreciate the info bc otherwise I may have tried to update the phone at my peril. Thanks

  45. donetta moore says:

    Yeah. I want.to know what this browser is for.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Donetta,
      It just a link to the Net10 web site. They have a web site they think is useful and some links to a shopping /deals site. You can ignore it.

  46. Selena says:

    Received message saying browser requires update

  47. Merry finley says:

    Someone from Kenya had contacted me to befriend me.they were asked to unfriend me.

  48. Michelle Dixon says:

    I need to update my net 10 browser and baby gift it how???

  49. Denise Taylor says:

    Yes, i receive this mesg too..2 nd time and there is no update..very annoying

  50. bonnie gray says:

    I recieved that same message and now my facebook account isn’t working . Im not recieving any email

  51. Jireh Marie says:

    me enviaron este mensaje…

    “NET10 Msg: Your phone’s browser requires an update. Click the link to update. http://m.tracfone.com/sid?mdn=1234567890″.

  52. Well i guess net10 is just *** around letting everybody know to see if you’re sober enough to figure out the update your browser ***. *** that..it doesn’t do *** if u follow the link they give you. They’re just trying to see if u can brake r damage your phone..to get another one..

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Joe, John, Jojo,
      I don’t agree with you. I think it is just a poorly executed marketing campaign. I do appreciate you sharing your opinion though.


  53. Frank Marting says:

    JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND NO GOOD

  54. Tomie castle says:

    I get that same message about updateing my browser and it never does. Just takes me to my net 10 home or something.

  55. Heather says:

    Got this exact text yesterday on my iphone 5. Just opened a page In safari as a search agent. Kind of confused me, since they did it a couple times before and it never did anything then either. It’s deceptive and that really disturbs me about them.if they are deceptive about that then they are about other things too. It really bugs me.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Heather,
      I don’t know if its intentionally deceptive, or they have just did a poor job marketing their web portal and trac and save promotion. Other readers has shared the same concern. I think I’ll add the phone number to their executive resolutions department to this post so customers can tell them their opinion about this.

  56. Anthony jordan says:

    I got the same message about the up date Ahmed I click it and got the same thing I didn’t understand it

  57. laurie says:

    I got that message and clicked on the lik which aent me to Net10a homepage where i clicked on my account. There was nothing on the page to choose for brsing updtes. This marketing ploy is dwceiving and irritaring. I have autorenew and no interest in upgrading my service to another plan.5 I am disapointed

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Laurie,
      I agree it’s a pretty confusing message. I like the idea that Net10 is trying to offer more value to their customers. This specific campaign misses the mark though.

  58. n russell says:

    There is no option to click on browser update for my net10 phone???????
    need to know the specific steps to follow for the browser update on my net10 phone!!!!!

  59. john frazier says:

    I pay Net 10 50$ per month for unlimited services.
    So now I wish Net 10 to perform their services as was agreeded on. So I do not wish to be aggrivated any longer by this bull.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi John,
      I think Net10 Wireless is reasonably clear about their $50 unlimited plan. They state.UNLIMITED*
      $50 30 Days
      $45 Auto-Refill
      No International Calls
      Unlimited* Talk / Text
      Picture Messaging
      Web / Email and call 411
      *Up to 2.5GB of high-speed data

      That said, you might be able to reply to the text message with stop, and no longer receive these messages. If you are unhappy with Net10, I’d encourage you to choose a wireless company that meets your requirements. Many people choose Net10 as a more affordable alternative to AT&T,T-Mobile, Verizon or Sprint. I’d assume that you switched to Net10 at some point for more affordable service. That’s what I did.

      If you do choose to switch, I’d love to hear about which service you choose and how it goes. I truly believe that educated and informed consumers will improve the wireless industry for all of us.

  60. ben pullen says:

    I too got this message and I too tried to get help by clicking the suggested link. Then of course I too found it wad useless. This coming on the heels of my discovery that net10′s advertised “unlimited dats, unlimited messaging, unlimited talk” was also bogus and data and messaging are indeed limited hsve irreversably tarnished trac-phone their parent co. and net10 in my estimation. I also was using their international calls plan card until I discovered that too was bogus for making callsvto many of the most frequently called nations. Of courde for another ten dollars a month I could purchase calls to “any location on earth!”. Had enough of their fraudenlent promises so am going to find a truthful carrier even if it is more expensive. Thanks for listening.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Ben,
      In 2012 and 2013, Both Straight Talk and Net10 heavily advertised unlimited data but would cap customers if they used to much. Over the past 18 months I have seen their message change. At one point they documented a 1.5 GB cap at which point your data stopped working. They then changed to 2.5GB a month and throttle your data connection after that.

      I had never heard that the international calling not supporting other countries. I was surprised that you couldn’t direct dial, and have to use a PIN code.

      If you are unhappy with their marketing practices or service then I would encourage you to find new wireless company. I have had reasonably good luck with both Net10 and Straight Talk. I never believe any company that claims unlimited service, so that didn’t bother me.

      There are many other great deals out there in prepaid: H20 Wireless, AIO, Red Pocket, ATT’s Pay N Go all use the ATT network. I’d love to hear about what your end up picking. Just make sure you check to see the company isn’t owned by America Movil, they own Tracfone, Net10, and Straight Talk as well as quite a few other companies.


  61. Justine says:

    I recently got this message and i clicked the link, now i can no longer receive mms messages. it keeps telling me it is unavailable. Can anybody please help?

  62. Sabrina says:

    Could anyone tell me how I can get pic messages on my iPhone? I switched to net10 and have not been able to get pic messages unless its sent as an iMessage

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Sabrina,

      If you recently signed up for Net10 and transferred your phone number it may take a few days before you can receive MMS picture messages. I had the same issue. I set up three accounts. MMS worked fine for the two with new phone numbers. I could not receive MMS for the third, the one I transferred a number to. I tried the SIM in two different phone and it did not work. After a few days I decided to see if I could try to fix it, only to find it working.

      This is a common problem. You can also try setting your APN type to default, mms, wap or default, mms, supl. Some readers have had luck by trying different MMSC and MMS proxy values. Read both the following articles and the comments to see what has worked for others.

      Help with Straight Talk and Net10 MMS Picture Messages and I Can’t Receive MMS Picture Messages Using Straight Talk or Net10 on My iPhone Using iOS 7.0.4
      Let me know how it goes.

  63. Jack says:

    Of course, Do not click on that link at all, it is obviously that a tracking advertising program will be injected in your phone system or browser, and who does want this? like is not enough with all the junk advertising getting into our mail boxes, this kind of updates the only think that does is to give users a so much worse experience so the carrier company can profit selling your data and browsing behaviors, they should ban this type of practice and people should start learning more about this, They trick people with poor knowledge in technology, by saying that the application will make a better experience in your life. But it is all BS.
    Do not follow this practice you will find your self frustrated because your phone suddenly will be come slower, and you know why because it is doing extra work to send info about everything you do in your phone. So they can match keywords with their data base and start shooting junk advertising to your phone, email etc even to your friends.
    Bottom line I’m talking about any of this kind of application, most of them they real reason to exist is for that.
    Keep your phone simple and cleaner as you can from junk apps that you wont really need.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Jack,
      I appreciate you taking the time to comment I have clicked on the links myself on my iPhone and I haven’t experienced my browser getting slow. I am wondering if you have ***any evidence*** to support the idea that Net10 is injecting tracking programs. I took quick look in my browser before and after I opened the most recent link and I did not notice any suspicious browser data added. I plan to completely clear my browser data and reload the page to take a closer look.

      I agree these the web page they created has limited value, and that its driven by their marketing. I plan to write a new article about the most recent message I got an publish screen shots of the pages.

      You are making some very strong claims here, and I’d like to understand your rationale.


  64. Julie Patrin de Martinez says:

    I am a BYOP net10 customer. My phone is an AT&T based Motorola Atrix HD. I also responded STOP to the message. They changed the sending number and sent it again. They’ve received the same response of STOP.

    I’m interested to see if, next time I refill my account, clearing all caches etc. and NOT clicking the update will get me back up to speed.

    No, I haven’t exceeded my 2 GB limit either.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Julie,
      Are you saying you think this web page caused your phone to slowdown?
      You can install the ookla speed test app from the play store and measure your speed. Let me know what speeds you ate getting?

  65. steve says:

    Hmmmm tracking phone data?

  66. Julie says:

    I received this message too. Had the same result…BUT…now my browser runs slower than mud. Deleted cookies, caches etc. Still slower than mud. Searched the message, found this thread. Anyone else having this issue?

  67. becki says:

    I received it on my android, twice, & both times the link just took me to tracfones homepage, no update kinda annoying, if i didn’t have unlimited data i would be seriously angry

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Becki,
      That web page doesn’t use very much data. Reply to the text message with “STOP” and it should prevent you from receiving it again.

  68. Annemarie says:

    They text me this to NET10 Msg: Your phone’s browser requires an update. Click the link to update. http://m.tracfone.com/sid?mdn=570236 and I can’t update nothing please help

  69. Mr X says:

    Did the “Stop” thing. Within seconds got a message saying I had successfully opted out of Net10 alerts. Sweet! Thanks for the tip.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Mr X.
      That is great news. Thanks for taking the time to comment. If you use social media, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. In addition to keeping up with latest updates at smartphonematters you would be helping us launch social media efforts. click here

  70. Misty Rice says:

    I keep going to the link and nothing happens. I have an Apple Iphone 4S.

  71. Velmo Miller says:

    I do not know how to update my browser?????

  72. Jacob Miller says:

    I have an android lg L35lg. I don’t know that this link is from net10. I have been told by hackers, that they can send a link and when you click on it, they gain control of the device. I reset my phone after it lost all internet connection and phone service. Didn’t fix it, so i called ne10 and they had to reset my wireless connection altogether. After all that, the second after i had changed my mobiles network code, i received the text again. i am worried about it and i do plan on finding out who is doing this

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Jacob,
      There is not evidence this is coming from hackers. It seems to be just a link to a web page Net10 thinks is useful. If you look in the comments one reader mentions how you can send a text message to tell net10 to stop sending you these messages.

      • Jacob Miller says:

        Hackers do not leave evidence. i do agree i think it is a net10 message but i can’t see the comments on this blog for some reason

        • Bob Thompson says:

          Hi Jacob,
          You need to click on the link to showing the number of comments on your phone.

          I think it would be strange for hackers to target Net10 customers explictly. I can’t see how this would be an exploit on iOS. I am not sure how it would be one on Android either.


  73. Beverly Phillips says:

    Everytime I get a txt. from net10 about my phone needs upgrading, its impossible to do anything. WHY?

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Beverly,
      Do did not mention which phone you have or if you are getting this same message. The point of this article was that there isn’t anything to update. They are simply sending you a link to a web page they want you to use for doing internet searches and looking up information. You can ignore the messages.

  74. Linda zuech says:

    I called net10 to see if they could help me with the update and they treated me like I was stupid. I never did get any answers but I am going to find another service. I hate it when you spend your money and expect to be treated like a valued customer and end up being treated like a burden. Well ill lighten their load.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Linda,
      I know what you mean. I look at it differently though. Their tech support is outsourced to another country. They have likely never used Net10 themselves and they are working off a script. That is why they often repeat the same thing over and ovr.

      My goal with Net10 is to pay $50 a month for cellular service, rather than $100 with AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon. Net10 and Straight Talk offer some of the best value for the money, at the expensive of retail support or the best phone support.

      I don’t know which phone or Net 10 plan you use. But you do you have choices,
      pay full price for better support,
      try to find an equivalently priced prepaid service with better support
      stick with Net10 and recognize the level of support they offer

      I would be interested in your thoughts on what service you are going to switch to. Both AT&T and T-Mobile’s prepaid service have a retail presence and are less expensive than their regular service.


  75. Jason Stevenson says:

    Reply to the message with “STOP” and you should be unsubscribed from NET10 alerts.

  76. Jamie says:

    I have Net10 on my iPhone 4S and continue to refuse the 15.7 TFW carrier update because I like my 4G and don’t appreciate being forced to downgrade (especially when I’m still paying the same!)! More specifically, I have reverted back to 15.6 after accepting the 15.7 carrier update that changed my data from 4G to 3G. If anyone is not aware that this is possible, google it, it’s fairly simple to do.

    Then, I started getting these “browser update” messages, and figured it was just another way to get me to update my carrier settings, so I ignored them. I began having problems with my browser one day, so I went back thru my messages, clicked on the link, and was confused when it just opened Net10’s mobile internet web page. I thought maybe the link had expired but this post has cleared it up for me, thank you!

    Seriously Net10?? With Google and Bing, and 100s of other sites similar to this, why would your page be necessary to your customers!? Talk about a waste of time! The UI mirrors a basic phone mobile internet page, I really don’t see much use in it… But whatever… Maybe others feel differently…

    More than anything, I don’t appreciate being deceived into visiting a page I would not do so otherwise! Why not send a link that says something like, “Check out Net10’s mobile web hub”?! Furthermore, if you are going to trick me into opening this link, it better open a site that blows my mind…not one that leaves me thinking “What the….???”

  77. Harry Bennett says:

    Why do I need to update n how do youdo it?

  78. Harry Bennett says:

    Rrecieved a message to have browser update

  79. Jacqueline Hills says:

    Received message my Net10 browser needs update… what does this mean?

  80. cindy says:

    I got the same text and result. Nothing to update my browser.

  81. Hollie says:

    Received the same message , like you I also went we’re I was directed to go & like you it didn’t update anything on my phone . ???? What was the sense in.that?

  82. Marissa says:

    I got the message too and my internet started randomly cutting off after that and I don’t have a lot of memory used on my phone and it’s really annoying

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Marissa,
      What type of phone do you have? don’t think its related, but I can say for sure. for iPhone, try pressing the home and lock buttons at the same time and test again. For other phones, turn it off and on again.

  83. Shikasper says:

    I recieved the same txt. I decieded to confirm through my carrier and was informed, there was no update available. Maybe someone is messin with us.

  84. Devin Bolden says:

    Bob a lot of iPhone users are having problems with net10’s new plans, do you have any news on whats going on

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Devin,
      I don’t know. What types of problems have you heard about?

      I think, that when you switch to one of the new tiered plans they update your account it their system. This may cause problems with data and MMS. A lot of Straight Talk and Net10 customers comment they have problems after auto renew or refilling their service.

      I have had three or four people using the Net10 T-Mobile network report their data stopped working.


  85. Jen says:

    I got it, too. Net10 on an iPhone. Went nowhere.

  86. Andrew says:

    I have Net10 as we’ll. I use an iphone just like you. I get these message often. It doesn’t update anything. Or I get one that I need to charge my carrier settings. Last time I charged them, it turned the HOME in the top left, to a TFW. I think meaning track phone wireless

  87. sheilatomah says:

    i use NET10 i pay 50 a month unlimited talk text and web but find the internet very slow andhard to keep sometimes do i need to worry about updateing the browser? love the net10 as its reasonably affordable for me. any ideas of how i can getbetter internet in my phone? thank u

    • Bob Thompson says:

      This point of this article was that there isn’t an update to the browser. That said, you did not mention what type of phone you are using, and whether you are using Net10’s ATT, T-Mobile, Verizon or Sprint network. If you don’t know that’s ok too we can figure it out.

  88. Amanda LaFaive says:

    I received this message with the same result as you, just thought is google it to see if other people had gotten it as well.

  89. Amin lone says:

    My internet has been off not loading anything. I can’t even use iMessage even tho my phone says that I have 3G speed. Nd then this message popped nd I hoped it would actually help but i guess not

  90. davkush says:

    Happened to me on my nexus 5 (android) weird because I have the bring your own phone plan. Maybe this is just for tracphones but they sent it to us anyways.

  91. NET10 Msg: Your phone’s browser requires an update. Click the link to update. http://m.tracfone.com/sid?mdn=

  92. Cheryl P says:

    Thanks. I got the txt today too and found the browser page and thought “where is my update”. I googled and found this. I will delete and will have my husband do the same to his phone when/if he gets it. Thank you for posting :)

  93. Anthony says:

    i got that too, what was odd was the senders short code number was. different from the ones i know are from net ten. plus, i don’t think net 10 can actually update my browser, shouldn’t Google send that kind of thing if its was needed?

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Anthony,
      I have received other text messages from Net10 recently too. They had a Holiday Home promotion, allowing customers to create a holiday card for their friends and family. There was a Trac N Save promotion which was a shopping deals campaign. Also a Net10 Now to advertise their new tiered smartphone plans with lower prices.

      This particular message didn’t come across as marketing but was simply a link to a.tracefone.com a mobile web portal. This one was not well executed and confusing. Most Net10 customers that use smartphonematters are scared of any kind of updates.

  94. g d says:

    Just got this message today.Thanks for posting since I did a search and your post came up.So I’ll delete.

  95. Mike says:

    I got the same message on my nexus 4 today. I have not clicked the link yet and won’t untill I find out what it will do to my browser?…
    And what do they have to do with that anyway, I use Firefox all the time.

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