What Is This “Net10 Msg: your phone’s browser requires an update…” Message About?


I received this text message from Net10 Wireless on my iPhone 5…

“NET10 Msg: Your phone’s browser requires an update. Click the link to update. http://m.tracfone.com/sid?mdn=1234567890”.


Many Net10 and Straight Talk customers are wary of software updates which many affect their internet or MMS service. I decided I’d click on the link and see what would happen. The link opened a mobile optimized web page in Safari. It did not update my browser or anything else on my iPhone.


I wasn’t too worried. Net10 can’t update your browser, Safari, on your iPhone. Safari can only be updated by Apple as part of an iOS software update. Apple can’t even update Safari through the App Store.

If you are using an Android phone, I wouldn’t worry either. This link isn’t going to update anything on your phone.

So what the heck is this message about? I think Net10 set up this mobile web search page as part of a marketing and promotion campaign and are hoping customers will use it. I didn’t find the web page useful or compelling, but that doesn’t mean the idea is bad, just the implementation.

I have noticed a lot of increased marketing and promotional activity from Net10 recently. They ran a Holiday Home promotion, you could create a holiday card for friends and family. They have Trac N Save promotion offering shopping deals and discounts. Finally, Net10 Now, a promotion to advertise their new tiered smartphone plans with lower prices or more service.

Do you use Net10 or Straight Talk and this message too? Leave a comment and let me know.

287 comments on “What Is This “Net10 Msg: your phone’s browser requires an update…” Message About?
  1. Ricky B says:

    I have had Net 10 for at least 7 years and get this also, were message says my browser needs an update. I’m not sure still what it does or mean.I ignore them now. The*22890 that’s what i do is dial this number.I wish i knowed how to update because my text messages are delayed both receiving and sending them for sometimes for over an hour or more.Sometimes they go through when i turn my phone off and back on and sometimes they don’t.I have a Moto E first generation phone. I have rebooted already cleared wipe partition.If there is a way to do other than factory reset please let me know.Thanks very much.

  2. I”ve got this message several time, browser needs update.

  3. Ronnie says:

    Not showing up as my browser.

  4. Paula says:

    I get this message all the time and my message don’t have a link on it to click so I’m like where do I GO to get the link and browser updated? ??

  5. Ricky Stern says:

    I do not think Net10 should have sent that txt out to all that go it and i like a fool spent a hour trying to get my phone browser updated. I take care of my disable wife her doctors and i go back and forth on the web. I need it to stay updated and they pull some think like this and lie to you about the updating that tick me off!It was not funny and i need to find my self another phone company.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Ricky,
      I understand your frustration. There are lots of other other than Net10. Unfortunately, Net10 tends to offer more high speed data for the money. So, it comes down to a matter of are you willing to pay more for less.

  6. David says:

    Hey I’m having problems with my browser it won’t let me look at shoes on adidas.com it says my browser needs an update.

  7. Chief says:

    This is bull I get tired of having to try to do this every month and I get aggravated every month. What am I doing wrong

  8. Jeni C says:

    I also received a text telling me to click on a link to update my browser. I have an LG Sunrise Android phone. I clicked on the link,and it didn’t do anything. It just took me to the Net10 browser page. What a waste of time! If they want people to use their browser, then they should just do promotion for it…not lie to their customers by sending a fake text!

  9. Melissa Dennis says:

    This message was on my phone. I don’t understand how to update it, is it automatic when you click the site?

  10. Becky says:

    Man I think it put a virus on my iPhone 5c it has been acting weird ever since I clicked that stupid link I now need to get my phone fixed & Detect a virus app

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Becky,
      What exactly is do you mean by acting weird. The iPhone doesn’t have viruses. That said, your not the first one to report an issue after tapping that link. Many people say their phone got slower afterwards.

  11. Vickie says:

    I also got this on my net phone it downloaded something . I got the weather page list. Also my people icon is overlap with something. Any ideas?can I take it out

  12. allen heap says:

    Straight Talk MSG: In order to maximize your device’s web browser please validate your phone number. Click this link: http://m.tracfone.com/sid?mdn=XXXXXXXXXX

    • Bob Thompson says:

      I haven’t seen that message before but the link is the same. They just want you to use their web page. Ignore it. I edited your comment to remove your phone number that was in the link you posted :-)

  13. s parsch says:

    I resent idle promotions and redirects to other pages as well as the unwanted use of my private email. Just because I paid for service with a provider doesn’t mean I want junk email from them.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      well many people do. Supposedly if you reply with stop to the message, they will stop sending them. I actually think, they could have made their website a really great and useful tool if they had put more effort into it.

  14. Brent Lovell says:

    Does this make a difference?

  15. toni says:

    yes, I have android net 10 smart phone. every once in a while I recieve the message also. I click the link and my net 10 web browser opens, but there is no place for me to update that I see.
    not unless there is a way to update it and I don’t know how. if anyone knows how to update or if i even need to update the web browser, please contact me at my email address:
    thank you! Toni

  16. Art Scott says:

    Keep getting a notice my phone needs an update bit can not find any help from this site

    • Bob Thompson says:

      If you read the article.

      I wasn’t too worried. Net10 can’t update your browser, Safari, on your iPhone. Safari can only be updated by Apple as part of an iOS software update. Apple can’t even update Safari through the App Store.

      If you are using an Android phone, I wouldn’t worry either. This link isn’t going to update anything on your phone.

      So what the heck is this message about? I think Net10 set up this mobile web search page as part of a marketing and promotion campaign and are hoping customers will use it. I didn’t find the web page useful or compelling, but that doesn’t mean the idea is bad, just the implementation.

  17. Kathy Scherer says:

    I have received 3 of these messages and was brought to the same website. Very annoying. Thanks for the info. From now on I can ignore these messages and not worry about my browser. It works fine for me. Have a great day!

  18. jason smith says:

    Yeh I’m not sure what exactly is going on but the last comment makes since just some kind of marketing ordeal or whatever. Thanks for the help

  19. teresaf says:

    If you have a net10 phone or straight talk or tracfone and say for son reason like you broke your phone while your service is still active you can remove tour SIM card and input it in other compatible unlocked phones that the sim card will fit in to. You will be able to call and text but nit use yr 3/4 g service. The company sends that message not as an advertisement. You can’t use the link because you can’t use the data. Easiest to call in and they will update/ transfer yr SIM to that phone,such as an att phone, but if you call to do this your SIM won’t work when you switch it back. People who bought a bring yr own phone kit have a code to input included. I only temporarily needed to use the att phone I was using so did not update Brower.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Tersaf,
      I appreciate your comment, but I don’t really agree with you. The link in the text message is just a promotion for their web site. What you say is true, if you are using a net10’s att or tmobile network you can move your sim to another compatible phone and it will work. Your data service won’t work however, until you set up the apn.

  20. carrie says:

    What it’s the update message about.

  21. Jackie Boyd says:

    I get the “update your browser” texts. I just want to know if I really do need or have to update my browser. If I do, where do I find the information to do it? I am a Net 10 customer.

  22. Nicholas Santiago says:

    I have a IPhone 4 & constantly get these.
    Took it to the retailer I set it up with & was told I didn’t need to update.
    Since I ignore & delete them.

  23. I just put airtime on my net 10 android phone and it’s still saying running out of storage space I can’t update nothing I have deleted all kind of shit and still nothing I can’t download or nothing what’s the problem?

  24. Jimmy says:

    I receive this same text about once a month. I have yet to find anywhere to update my browser. I really wish Net10 would stop sending this text if you can’t update anything with the link they send


  25. Zster says:

    I received the message a couple of times to their website without any hint of how to update. I have a motor. False lead to wasted time and effort. Good thing I was able to follow the popcorn out.

  26. Dawn Runyon says:

    I regularly check both my firmware and software on my Tracphone w/Straight Talk service, after receiving the same message w/link I tried both using the link to update and also going under my settings and checking for updates. Upon going under settings and trying to check I get a repeat message saying ” I have no data connection “. I clearly have connection with 4G but absolutely cannot get it to work. I also have tried recently to download some Apps off Google play store and can’t as it tells me my browser isn’t supported. I’m running on Android and have 4.3, and have been having a lot of Apps freezing up, going to black screen etc. What do I need to do to update to 4.4?

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Dawn,

      1. The message you received about the browser update is not about a software update. It’s just Straight Talk promoting a new web site they think you will find useful.

      2. If your cellular data isn’t working, the issue may be you need to set your APN. What type of phone are you using? Do you know which Straight Talk network you are on? ATT, TMobile, Verizon, or Sprint?

      3. You should never update the firmware of your phone over your cellular data connection. I recommend using a WiFi connection. It will be faster, more reliable, and you want use up your allotment of high speed cellular data.

      So don’t worry about #1. Answer #2. and then I can help you with #3.

  27. Tracy Bennett says:

    I received the message, your phone requires, update browser? Help? Not understanding?

  28. Tina says:

    I’m currently with Net 10.

  29. Roger Hanson says:

    How do I update my phones browser?

  30. Dennis Jackson says:

    I get this messege every month. I egnore it but, ive been getting kicked off wrb sites such as google play store saying google play store is no longer compatable with your browser…

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Dennis,
      What type of phone do you have? Where did you get it? I keep hearing stories about people having problems after visiting this web page but haven’t experienced it myself. Did you visit the web page? Maybe you do need to update your phone, and, this message is just a coincidence. Net10 can’t really update your browser..

  31. Pamela Flege says:

    What does the text message on my phone mean that I need to update the browser on my phone?

  32. TI am so done with net10 this is 3rd .ph. have had. Replaced. I’m going viral. CAUTION/WARNING. U like the run around? Bad service? Wasting 6hrs. (Repeatedly? On. .ph arguing with. Them why ur .ph does not function? Asked stupid questions ? So u can have. A. New one sent with more problems. Than

  33. Shannon Johnston says:

    I just started receiving this message also on my net10 phone. only problem with my situation is that I been having problems with my browser since then. I can’t click on any links online or videos, pics. Just the main webpage I get onto and that’s it. my phone tells me page not found or unable to view at this time. I don’t know what to do or how to fix this. it is very irritating to pay for something that doesn’t work correctly. :-(

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Shannon,
      you did not mention what type of phone you have. Other readers have reported similar problems after getting this message. I have never been able to confirm the problem on any of my phones. Let me know what type of phone you have.

  34. Mr.Stacy says:

    I have a prepaid net10 card I used $45.00 500 megabytes unlimited speed unlimited data unlimited text and 7 days before my prepaid card ran out they cut my data off and this is happen to Verizon customers and other people with regular accounts they scammed us again trying to just trying to have us pay by credit card online somebody needs to do something and Sue. Scammen use again.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Mr. Stacy,
      Sorry to hear about that. Its not really related to this article though. Are you sure your data was cut off or did they throttle it to some ridiously slow speed?

  35. Dave says:

    I get the message every two weeks or so.same thing here, just a link that does not add up to anything but a web page of suggestions to apps gimmicks Etc…

  36. mary kiggins says:

    I receive the same msg about once a month. I have net 10 and this is irritating. It makes me think my browser isnt up to date

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Mary,
      I think you can reply to the message with STOP and you will stop getting it for a while at least. You didn’t mention which phone you have, but on the iPhone the browser can only be updated along with the entire phone. With Android its the same, though the newer browser can be updated from the Google Play store.
      I just learn to ignore it.

  37. Did I win? Let me know.


    Gloria A. Cornejo

  38. Why send me a text message to up date and to click link to update my browser when there is absolutely no option to update?: very misleading and concerning!

  39. Bonnie Goyer says:

    yeah I keep getting the same app same message and every time I do my phone starts acting stupid and I start getting kicked out of all my apps as well as my browser. Is there a connection ?

  40. Donna says:

    Stop sending message to update browser please.

    • Bob Thompson says:

      Hi Donna,
      I am not Net10 so I can’t stop sending you these messages. You can try replying to the text message with STOP. Sometimes that will stop the messages from coming.

      • Anony says:

        This is correct. I texted HELP to verify that it only cancels their marketing messages. By typing STOP you opt out of marketing, but will still receive pre-charge alerts if you’re in auto enroll and any alert related to your service plan.

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